Did you try going to the device manager and updating the driver? Here’s the rundown of events: The installation then proceeds. I was able to make the Logitech mouse work twice now. If your mouse is wireless, it can be communicating over Bluetooth , radio frequency RF , or infrared IR. I’ve forgotten my password Forum Password. Your email address will not be published.

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How to Install a Software Program From an ISO File |

If the mouse you want to change how any special buttons work, additional software may need to be installed. Problem is the device driver signing. By night, he’s asleep. It just got detected, and the “Mice and other pointing devices” entry got added and actually stayed there in the Device Manager list.

How to Install the Mouse Driver

The computer must have Bluetooth built in or have a Bluetooth adapter connected to it. Hope this can help someone!

Lo and behold, plug and play didn’t work. Some downloads come with an Install. And this afternoon, I played games with it on my gaming PC. Back to Computer Help forum 10 total posts. Sign In Create Account.


Everything is fine again now! Several functions may not work. Then I decided to buy a new mouse.

Mousr there were times too when the Logitech mouse got detected for 1 second, and I saw the entry “Mice and other pointing devices” get added to Device Manager, only to disappear a millisecond later. Open your “This PC” folder so you can see all your disk drives. Click on the Burn button to proceed.

Mouse won’t get detected by PC

So I don’t think that it would help. You are posting a reply to: A Bluetooth mouse connects to a computer wirelessly using a Bluetooth signal. I think u need a new mouse the wireless one Microsoft is the best one.

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If your mouse is not working after following the steps above, additional troubleshooting may be required. I left it in an electronics recycling bin.

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How to install or change Mouse Pointers & Cursors in Windows

The solution for controlling 2 mice was provided by a paid product called Multimouse, however this was actually designed specifically for collaboration purposes that do not require each user to input from their respective mouse at the same time. But you wont be able to have two activated programs at the same time That mouse had malfunction issues which I tolerated for years until this week.


Choose the option to run the setup file.

inetall If the mouse is not functioning, check out our mouse troubleshooting section. After installing, check the Bluetooth utility to see if it detects the Bluetooth mouse. How do I get rid of this irritating scroll bar cursor??

Im sure someone will be able to help out. Download this VPN to secure all your Windows devices and browse anonymously.

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