Performing A Hard Reset The manufacturer plans to oppose the hx to low-middle-end handhelds, equipped with Bluetooth-adapters, the hx — to two-interface middle-end models. The bundle of the hx includes the handheld itself, a charger, a data cable with a charger connector, power adapter to connect the charger directly to the handheld, documentation and a CD with standard Pocket PC software. However, it has taken the company until now to change the design of its biggest selling handheld – the h series – in favour of a more utilitarian design. It is fixed on the sides and is easy to remove.

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Processor clock cannot be controlled, but you can fine-tune backlight — 21 brightness levels for battery and external power operation.

The PDA has a removable Li-Ion battery that is mAh in the higher models and the offline performance isn’t outstanding. Memory capacity is average for these days, the set of interfaces becomes typical bluteooth medium-priced handhelds.

HP Hx2410 – iPAQ Pocket PC Manuals

As you can see, increased battery capacity was quite enough to compensate for increased power consumption of a faster processor. Connecting To Other Devices Copying or Transferring Files The iPaq hx comes bluteooth two integrated wireless interfaces.

For those who want to go the fully secure route, the hx offers an integrated Biometric fingerprint reader, which prevents access from unauthorised users. Renaming A Profile This utility also allows to switch between screen orientations — this function appeared in Windows Mobile SE and it’s hidden within the jungle of Settings menu, so the iTask utility is a good way to get access to this option. It’s the best screen among the analogs x pixelscomparable with the h It can run backups on the schedule, store the data of the organizer in the iPaq file Store.


The set of preinstalled software is typical for a handheld of this brand — there are several additional HP programs besides utilities included into the OS bundle. Enabling Bluetooth Services Changing The Backlight Settings Requesting Business Cards But in practice, overall performance of a Pocket PC is rarely determined by a processor alone.

This is a custom couplee of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for mid range and high end models. Our tests revealed that under the maximum load the highest backlight level, video playback, wireless adapters on the PDA lasted 3 hours 12 minutes. If you remember, the iPaq h had a serious drawback blhetooth with all its advantages – the rubber side insertions used to fall off with time. That is they are designed for technically exigent and corporate users.

Working With Connections Wireless Fidelity wi-fi The results confirmed our expectations: Power Saving Tips Performing A Hard Reset Recovering From A Locked Device blhetooth Indeed, both the hx and the hx demonstrate impressive results in graphics.


HP iPAQ hx/hx Handheld

This is an additional tool to protect data from unauthorized access. The most critical drawback of the handheld is a small, tight, and badly placed joystick. Manually Entering New Network Settings We think the iPaq hx is your true choice, if you really need the bkuetooth scanner. The semi-rugged look and feel of the device means that it can be used by IT managers or field-workers as well as those in an office environment.

On My Pocket Pc bluetooyh To test graphics productivity we ran tests of the PocketQuake game in the mute mode turn the sound off by nosound 1, console command, leaving other settings unchanged.

So you can forget about that difference, which is the result of a more capacious battery in the senior modifications and a fingerprint scanner.

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