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Package: apache2-src Description-md5: Description-da: Apache kildekode This package includes the complete and patched source code for the Apache httpd.
Den kan tolke alle type argv-vektorer og automatisk sÃtte variable baseret pà kommandolinieparametre.
This package contains the "crystal" symbol style, default style for KDE.Org-l10n-hr Description-md5: Description-da: Croatian language package for OpenOffice.Org-l10n-lv Description-md5: c7e3f febf365d3b40ee85 Description-da: Latvian language package for OpenOffice.If you need different settings, use the package apache2-suexec-custom.Package: autoconf-doc Description-md5: Description-da: automatic configure script builder documentation Standarden for FSF-pakker.This package contains the debugging static library for libparted, which are really only of interest to parted developers who need to debug their programs.Package: doc-linux-text Description-md5: Description-da: Linux howto'er og FAQs i ascii-format Pakken doc-linux-text indeholder de aktuelle Linux howto'er og FAQs i ascii-format.Package: libgnuinet-java Description-md5: Description-da: extension library to provide extra network protocol support GNU Classpath inetlib is an extension library to provide extra network protocol support for GNU Classpath and ClasspathX project, but it celestia vega camgirl porno can also used standalone to make adding http, imap, pop3 and smtp.Package: sysklogd Description-md5: Description-da: Systemlog-dÃmoner Denne pakker implementerer systemlog-dÃmonen, som er en forbedret udgave af det almindelige Berkeley vÃrktÃjsprogram.'diff' viser forskellene mellem to filer eller mellem tilsvarende filer i to kataloger.Package: pppconfig Description-md5: Description-da: Et tekstmenu-baseret vÃrktÃj til at sÃtte ppp op It provides extensive explanations at each step.Package: gs Description-md5: Description-da: Overgangspakke This dummy package is provided for a smooth transition from the previous gs package (the package name has been changed to ghostscript).Kan den hÃndtere mere en 9 parametre til makroer).However, it is more difficult to debug than the user- space servers, and has a slightly different feature set.
This is the "classic" netcat, written by *Hobbit.

Org-help-it Description-md5: 63454699b d365429bffc Description-da: Italian help for OpenOffice.Package: lp-solve Description-md5: bc9fbd53b2b145f26b Description-da: Solve (mixed integer) linear programming problems The linear programming (LP) problem can be formulated as: Solve.x V1, with.x maximal.This package is part of KDE 4 accessibility module.Org-base Description-md5: Description-da: OpenOffice.Hjemmeside: m Package: thunderbird-locale-ru Description-md5: Description-da: Thunderbird Russian language/region package Menu and message resource and region property package for Thunderbird (Russian language, ru).Denne pakke chat rom som er rent indeholder lyde, billeder og anden data til Tux Paint.
This package delivers the libisccfg shared library used by bind's daemons and clients to read and write ISC-style configuration files like nf and.