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Their exact whereabouts are still largely unknown, but not for long!
11 different countries have an arctic station here.
This bird sat for some time on his hand before taking off.
She brought a metal detector and does find some iron objects.New food supplies have been sent to them because a polar bear had raided their food depot.I want to show some impressions like the variation in nests.Home :00: world champions I am joining Derick Hiemstra and Klaas van Dijk in the Eeemshaven to observe and ring Arctic mila sensuell camgirl Terns.They are hosted by the Netherlands Arctic Station and an intensive schedule.
Home :30: Our farm Our farm 15:30 With the foxes around the village, the geese spend more time among the houses.
38 Here the changes are most obvious.

We left Longyearbyen at 15:30.Below, they are renovating my former station hut.Antonia has already painted geese at the wintering grounds on Caerlaverock, Scotland.He will analyse stable isotopes of nitrogen and carbon.She will stay two weeks.Before the expedition starts, Ramsey is explaining on national Dutch television about the expedition.While temperatures in The Netherlands reach summer heights and local heavy rain have flooded the streets, we have 1 degree Celsius and strong winds making the windchill factor below freezing.At least we are happy that we have acted safely.We observe their play outside the den, group structure, social behaviour and dominance.In winter, the barnacles changed into geese.