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Be nice and don't assume anyone owes you anything or will give you something memer om cam jenter for nothing.
Be prepared to give something if you want something.Your pop up can be a link to your products, your homepage, your group, anything you want!IMGg/imgimgg/imgimgg/IMG, free Avi Stickers, i will do the video pakistanske chat rommet ones in this thread: p?215941,8390428: Can you please provide some information with your picture.Etiquette and hints for Badge Collecting.Only imvu VIP members may join.Unlike the Discussion Board which follows a more traditional forum style exchange, the Holla Board emphasizes what is happening right now and right here in your group.It's a craze sweeping across the pixels of imvu like a giant, sparkly tornado!You can collect badges in one of four ways:.You create your own badge.DO NOT USE '0 0 0' black in your badge design unless you wish it to be transparent - detailed outlines in black may disappear if you use true black; try a slightly off black instead.Tag/Keywords size16pxcolornavybuiPoshchic's groups: /size/color/b/u/i size14pxcolorblue, homepage Pro m/groups/group/Homepage2BPro sticker m/groups/group/Sticker/.Newest files /color/size colorredValue Pack 1/color 64 Clothing Files (PSD-XCF) 20 Files (All 3 pages url imggoriginal/img gratis online chat-xxx colorredValue Pack 2/color 66 Clothing Files (PSD-XCF) 20 Files (All 3 pages url imggoriginal/img imggoriginal/img imggoriginal/img imggoriginal/img imggoriginal/img imggoriginal/img imgg/img imgg/img imggoriginal/img imgg/img imgg/img imgg/img imgg/img imgg/img imggoriginal/img.

Private : Only members of the group can view the group.Be sincere, don't use copy-and-pasted compliments to request bling and then complain about badge owners publicly in group and forum threads.It is a quick one-way communication between the group owner and the group.Only : Available to VIP members only.You can be granted a requested badge.Invite only : You must be invited to join the group.While badge hunting you may just earn something more precious than the badge, friendship.Please note that only a subset of the message syntax is supported for messages.Riding the wave of the new badge craze!Collecting Badges, badge collection.It is a quick and fun way for people to catch up with each other in a group.

A mark of distinction.
Is a place where members can write short messages for everyone to see.
I am so proud of my new blingalicious look created just for me by justephy10, who would ever have dreamed how popular badges would.