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Way before he stopped working, we had been introduced to computers and the internet.
The Link II @ Life in Spite.A Flame wars break out every so often but overall it's a porno video chat online supportive place to hang out.My advice is to read a few posts before deciding which to make your "home".Dear Friends, "Life in Spite of MS is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates chat-rom for musikk elskere Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking.".You don't have to sign in to see who is already in the room, just take a look at the list in the box to the left of this text (if the box is empty that means the room is empty - why not.We have all confronted the fears and difficulties that the disease and its diagnosis presents.MS World, this one has also been around for quite awhile.MSFrontiers Travel where you can discuss issues surrounding travelling with.Not one single penny.We'd also like you to know it doesn't cost one cent more when you click through the links here on our blog.If you've reached the bottom, here's the list of other forums and chat rooms again.Out and bed-bound, for those who still want to work, but work outside the home is not possible because of MS, computers are the perfect solution.If you wish to make a donation to Jooly's Joint to help fund the Jooly's Joint chatroom you may do so here.Divvy Coughlan, the Jooly's Joint Chat Room is dedicated in loving memory of Jooly's Joint member Davina 'Divvy' Coughlan, who chatted here and was a much loved friend and valuable source of support, to Jooly and to the many thousands of people with MS who.The group has.People even find partners.

Jooly's Joint - people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) supporting each other.They all have a different feel and emphasis.When you find a good fit, make friends.It still limps on through the valiant efforts of its dedicated support team.MS Central Support, a offshoot of Multiple Sclerosis Central, this is another Delphi hosted, web page based, moderated forum which also offers chatrooms.The popular ones have more people, more posts and a greater range of experience but the smaller ones often have a greater "family" appeal.Jooly has put a lot of work into her MS WebPals project and has won numerous accolades as a result.Click here to register, a few simple rules to keep things nice: Please be kind, patient, welcoming and treat others with respect ; Take special care of newly diagnosed people; Excessive swearing, racism, homophobia, xenophobia and any form of bullying may result in your being.Often abbreviated to asms.People are very willing to help out with questions and concerns.
No-one 'owns' any of the avatars, please be prepared to share if somone else chooses the avatar you're using.