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Teaching materials and follow up work will be provided and can be tailored to the needs of the school.
Read our Traveller mental health leaflet here.
I foresee the potential to use this play for raising awareness within the police.
If you would like to book a performance or just have a chat about the possibility please contact Suzanna King or, to view our flyer, please click here.The play was also performed in several Brighton schools where it was also well received.St Andrews Church Youth partnership, North Somerset.Brenda O Donohue hosts a catch up with past Traveller Pride Award Winners.Exhibits of tinsmithing work from the National Museum of Ireland.When you add in discrimination and racism, marginalisation and exclusion it is no wonder Travellers find it hard to maintain a healthy mental outlook. .Lamp made by a Traveller tinsmith from the National Museum of Ireland.Desperate to get away she runs away from home with her Grandfathers vardo and pony only to find herself lost and miles from anywhere familiar, she has not no choice but to put her trust in the audience to help her find her way back.Teacher, North Crescent Primary, Essex, i enjoyed the intimate close-up performance educational, entertaining and thought provoking!It is an excellent resource for schools to help tackle these issues and to teach the settled community about the history and culture of Gypsies and Travellers and in turn building a sense of pride in Traveller children and their rich heritage.A ekte sex shemale performance of Crystals Vardo is a great way to celebrate Gypsy Roma Traveller history month.Informative, creative and entertaining.Maybe todays Budget 18 will deliver on some of this.The play focuses on Crystal, a young Gypsy girl who has been bullied at school.What our audiences said: June 2016, what a powerful aid to understanding the rich heritage of Gypsy, Roma Traveller people, and a shocking reminder of the prejudice and persecution they have suffered through the ages prejudice they sadly still face ank you to Friends Families and.

That is why we need targeted services for Travellers in mental health services. .Well presented, costumes very authentic to the times.Higgins and his wife Sabina chat about paper flowermaking with from left, Aoife Malliano, Biddy Collins, Sheila Reilly and Bridgie Collins.Traveller Education, Blanau-Gwent, loved the way the story was told, and thought the characterisations were brilliant!Visitors from Donegal with Sabina Higgins.Running Out of Road by Rosaleen McDonagh.11609) Directors Anastasia Crickley, Mairin Kenny, Brigid Quirke, Company registered in Ireland CRO: 105690 Charity No: CHY 11609.Address - 46 Charles Street Great, Dublin 1 (Charity.
Thats why today our mental health event took in the 3 things needed for well being physical, mental and spiritual health.
Traveller and Roma Centre, we know there is a mental health crisis within the Traveller community. .

Traveller children at our school loved the fact you knew their words and it will be something they will always remember.