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Hunniepop cam studio voksen

hunniepop cam studio voksen

It was released on April 4th, 2016 on Steam.
Fixed bug where the studio report window at the end of a game session would freeze if you finished with less than 5 girls.You can play some runs when tou are bored.There is a maximum of twenty girls in the game.This mode is unlocked once you have earned the gold live sex porno-hub trophy or better.Actress/Cam Girl 25, sarah, cam Girl 20, zoey, cam Girl 21, additionally all of the Human Girls from the original.As long as you have earned the gold trophy or better you can start a new game file in "Rock Hard Mode" and that difficulty should be more suitable to your skill level.Promote your studio on other adult sites and fetish communities all over the web!Lailani: HunieCam Studio, soulKillur 175 20, lillian: HunieCam Studio, soulKillur 209 12 Nora: HunieCam Studio SoulKillur 183 19 YT/ Huniecam Studio Anti SepticMelon 199 27 HunieCam Studio Template adkog 35 0 Zoey: HunieCam Studio SoulKillur 147 11 Yandere sim skin: Huniecam studio Candy TeleviCat.A massive wardrobe of over 140 hot new outfits and hairstyles to unlock!
Update list.0.2: I noticed that some of you guys are very good at the game and earned the diamond trophy on your 2nd or 3rd time through.

So, I just pushed an update adding a new hard mode.HunieCam Studio is a game developed by, huniePot.Up to 18 unique cam girls covering a wide variety of perverse preferences!I also made a few minor balance tweaks to the normal difficulty and spread out the amount of tokens you earn so you get more for playing in hard mode.HuniePop make Appearances as potential employees.Analyze important stats on your fans and performers to maximize revenue!
Contract up to six horrific STDs including chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea!
Making it an extremely challenging mode Trivia HunieCam is not canon to the HuniePop universe.