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Monolog comes also with a powerful built-in handler for the logging in prod environment: FingersCrossedHandler.
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Yml services: my_formatter: class: MonologFormatterJsonFormatter monolog: handlers: file: type: stream level: debug formatter: my_formatter XML!- app/config/config.Log in the prod environment and app/logs/dev.Welcome to Online Russian Video dating Cam chat room.Monolog is a logging library for PHP.3 used by Symfony2.How to use Monolog to write Logs.Enter Chatroom provides free live video chatrooms where you can meet new people from around the world.Worlds Largest McDonald's with 700 Seats is also located in Russia.The logger service has different methods for different the logging levels.
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Log" level"error" / monolog:handler name"main" type"fingers_crossed" action-level"warning" handler"file" / monolog:handler name"file" type"stream" level"debug" / monolog:handler name"syslog" type"syslog" level"error" / /monolog:config /container PHP / app/config/p array( 'handlers' array( 'applog' array( 'type' 'stream 'path' var/log/symfony.

Xml - container xmlns"m/schema/dic/services" m/schema/dic/monolog monolog:config monolog:handler name"applog" type"stream" path var/log/symfony.Changing the formatter The handler uses a Formatter to format the record before logging.It is inspired by the Python LogBook library.Log in the dev environment).Offline email messenging, intive friends by email, ability to block users.Join free Russia Stranger Chat Rooms, Russia Chat Online Chat Rooms, Russia Chat Rooms, local Russia Chat Rooms.Yml monolog: handlers: applog: type: stream path: /var/log/symfony.Handlers and Channels: Writing logs to different Locations.Usage, to log a message simply get the logger service from the container in your controller: public function indexAction logger this- get logger logger- info I just got the logger logger- err An error occurred /.Symfony.1 which is not maintained anymore.All Monolog handlers use an instance of MonologFormatterLineFormatter by default but you can replace it easily.
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