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Any authority upon which any power to make or give any direction, consent or permission or to do any other act is conferred by this Act or by any order made thereunder may, unless express provision is made to the contrary, in writing authorise, conditionally.
3, for clause sexy cam porno (f) or clause (g (w.e.f.
1950 omitted by Act 3 of 1951,.(2) A person to whom any direction has been given under sub- section (1) shall not, while such direction remains in force, use or permit to be used any other premises for any of the aforesaid purposes, except with the previous permission in writing.Protection to persons acting under this Act.Act title : ACT.Be final and shall not gratis chatterom nc be called in question in any Court : Provided that the Central Government, either of its own motion or on an application by the foreigner concerned, may revise any such decision.1(3) No person shall- (a) knowingly assist an internee or a person on parole to escape from custody or the place set apart for his residence, or knowingly harbour an escaped internee or person on parole, or (b) give an escaped internee or person.
If in any case not falling under section 8 any question arises with reference to this Act or any order made or direction given thereunder, whether any person is or is not a foreigner or is or is not a foreigner of a particular class.
(1) It shall be the duty of the keeper of any premises whether furnished or unfurnished where lodging or sleeping accommodation is provided for reward, to submit to such person and in such manner such information in respect of foreigners accommodated in such premises,.

(1) The master of any vessel landing or embarking at a port in 2India passengers coming to or going from that port by sea and the pilot of any aircraft landing or embarking at any place in 2India The word " Royal omitted by Act.(2) Every person accommodated in any such premises shall furnish to the keeper thereof a statement containing such particulars as may be required by the keeper for the purpose of furnishing the information referred to in sub-section (1).Short title and extent.The State of Sikim vide Notification.1(6) For the purposes of this section- (a) " master of a vessel " and " pilot of any aircraft shall include any person authorised by such master or pilot, as the case may be, to discharge on his behalf any of the duties imposed.8A (vi) prohibiting him from association with persons of a prescribed or specified description ; (vii) prohibiting him from engaging in activities of a prescribed or specified description ; (viii) prohibiting him from using or possessing prescribed or specified articles ; (ix) otherwise regulating his.And the original sub-section (4) renumbered as (6) by Act 38 of 1947,.In this Act- 3(a) "foreigner" means a person who is not a citizen of India; (b) " prescribed " means prescribed by orders made under this Act ; (c) "specified" means specified by direction of a prescribed authority.

Foreigners Act, act Name : THE foreigners ACT, 1946.
(5) The master of any vessel or the pilot of any aircraft which is about to carry passengers from a port or place in India to any destination outside India, or the owner or the agent of the owner of any such vessel or aircraft.
(2) A copy of every order made tinder this section shall be placed on the table of both Houses of Parliament as soon as may be after it is made.